Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development

Through the project approach, children exercise their questioning and reasoning skills. They develop their learning skills and research skills through first hand investigations, data collection and assimilating data to draw conclusions. Children use their observation and reasoning to understand the cause and effect relationships in the world around them. They develop their mathematical knowledge and skills through experiential activities such as counting, finding similarities and differences, classification, identifying patterns, representing data, and so on.

Venn Diagram

Birds and Insects

Illustrating and understanding logically relationship between birds and insects.

Blueprint- Aquarium

The children made a blueprint of an aquarium.

Siddhanth (Sr.KG D)

I am the largest snake

I died because of the low temperature in the mountains

Tell me who am I?

Jwal - Titanaboa

Tally Marking

Children along with parents went for a field trip. They recalled the animals seen at the field trip and counted the same. They even tally marked.

Advik Mandowra

Jiyaan Gohil

Ishanvi Goel

Life cycle of Butterfly

Size of animals-seriation

Nandini Singh

Ransh Thakkar

Measuring Animal Shadow

Granth Ajmera

Adveya Patel

Animal Jigsaw Puzzle


Salwin Himan

Ekansh Tawar

Venn Diagram

Illustrating and understanding logically relationship between birds and insects.



Animal Textures

Children showed awareness of textures

Shaarvil Shah.mp4

Shaarvil sharing his knowledge about the different textures of animals.


Vivaan Joshi

Creating Animals using shapes

Vihaan Shah

"I have drawn cat and lion and used rectangle shape."

Hriyaan Gosalia

Riddles created by Children

Manya Desai

"I have long neck, small head and I have dots on my body. I also have long legs. Who am I?"

Answer- Giraffe

Reyansh Patel

"I am one Animal that runs very fast than all other Animals. I also have spots. Who am I?"

Answer- Cheetah

Hayaan Chandan

"I make a hiss sound. I crawl on the land and I have rough skin. Who am I?"

Answer- Snake

Arkin : "Today I am going to tell you wolf and six babies and their mother. once upon a time there was a rabbit mother. Rabbit have seven babies and wolf and lion. there was a rabbit in the house. she went to market and she tell her babies i am going to market please not open the door and she went to the market and then lion comes and said hello i am your mother and the voice was harsh and mother voice is so sweet, leg was white and and black lion feet was orange and black and he shared hello i am mother , no you are not my mother your feet is not white your white is not sweet your voice is harsh. lion open the floor and then he said hello i am your mother this time they entered and open the door lion see seven rabbits and she eats so many babies and only one baby is left and mumma comes and like she asked where is my six babies and then one baby is telling lion eats all the brothers and sisters and he is crying and then one idea is mumma went out in the garden lion was sleeping under the tree and mother have idea she saw the babies in tummy rabbit mother is telling to give scissor and thread and then she cut the baby and all six babies came out, then she put the stones in the tummy and cut the thread."