Phase lll

Concluding the Project

We initiated the Phase III by clearing the doubts and myths of children relating to Animals after the research done in Phase II. They recalled the whole project journey and also talked about the activities and the processes they liked the most and what they disliked about it. According to the blue print and discussion, with self-selected materials they made their respective models.

Children's Web:

Children shared their prior knowledge and new learning throughout the project. This was represented in the form of a web by the teachers to capture the progression of their knowledge throughout the project.

Recapitulating the journey and sharing what we have learned about Animals

Ekansh:" I saw the story of Elmer the patchwork elephant."

Hayaan:" Mammals give birth to young ones. I also learned many things about different animals."

Hriyaan:" Mane Animals bahuj game che."

Shaarvil:" I learned about farm animals and why Cheetah is very fast. I also now know lizards have sticky legs."

Tavishi:" I went to feild trip with my parents. I learned about about aquarium, Herbivores and carnivores animals. We also did thumb printing, palm printing work and made drawings. "

Viha:" I made clay models and I also made animals using numbers."

Vyom:" we went to science city there I saw many fishes. we can draw Dinosaur and wood pecker using the number 7".

Dhvet:" We do activity clay model of animals. We discussed about mammals and learnt about scavenger".

Freya:" I learnt about Honeybee and pet animals cat, dog and cow. Tigers are very good swimmers".

Jiyanshi:" We did thump printing and visited Zoo with my father and learnt about the food habits of animals. I also learned about".

Manya:" we done drawing of the Tiger and we made model of tiger."

Ransh:" Muje Herbivores ,omnivores patha chalgaya."

Rishvika:" we did hand drawing and palm printing. we learnt about animals. We also make model of Tiger".

Riva:" Monkey lives in tree , Fish live in water. I also did model making activity."

Diyaan:" I saw video of carnivore, herbivore animals. There were some other animals who eat both are called omnivore."

Rihaan:" I made lion mask. We also made model of Tiger and we also visited the zoo. There I saw many Animals.

Ivaan:" We used clay and made models."

Sharing about likes and dislikes

Diyaan: "l liked Animal finger print activity and ant story. I also like paper se Tiger bhanana and I dislike instruction based drawing"

Hayaan: "There was animal kingdoms video and we hear animal sounds in zoo. I like sounds of animals that we heard in video."

Rihaan: "I like the most animal sound and guess the animal. I don't like finger print activity."

Shaarvil:" I liked the thumb printing activity, blue print and model making."

Tavishi:" I liked the clay activity, model making and jigsaw puzzle activity."

Veditha:" I like thump printing, I like Tiger making and I like number drawing."

Viha:" I liked when we went to zoo and we saw so many animals."

Vyom:" I like thump printing activity and Tiger making activity."

Ivaan:" I did not like Animal Kingdom project."

Jiyanshi:" I like thump printing and I like Dr. Shah played with Tiger" .

Manya:" I like the Tiger making ,thumb printing and finger puppet activity."

Reyansh:" I liked thumb printing activity."

Riva:" I like clay model, thump printing and Tiger model making. I don't like Clay modeling."

Ekansh:"I like all the Animal Kingdom stories. I like Elmer story very much."

Ransh: " Mujeh thump print acha laga tha".

Rishvika:" I like model making of Tiger".

Model gallery :

Children refered their blue prints and created their model. They also shared the whole model making process.

Advey Patel: "I made this tiger."

Adveya sharing his blue print

Adveya making model

Final Model

Diyaan Parikh: "I made this tiger using plastic bottle and i have covered it and made face and legs and tail."

Diyaan showing his model

Diyaan's final model

Dhvet: "I make paper box for tiger's body then I use paper cutout for face.I use cellotape to stick legs with candy sticks. I used orange colour for body, I used water colour to make stripes".

Dhvet's blue print

Dhvet making his model

Dhvet's Final model

Ekansh Tawar: "I have made this tiger using orange paper and I have used crumbled paper to make his face and candy stick to make his legs. I have also made his eyes, ears, tail and his moustache."

Ekansh showing his blue print

Ekansh making his model

Ekansh-Final Model

Freya: " First I take candy sticks . I use sketch pen to color. I used candy sticks in shape triangle to make body. I used yellow paper to make face. I used googly eyes to make eyes. I used sketch pen to make stripes."

Freya's Final Model with the rhyme she mode on Tiger

Hayaan Chandan: "I have made this tiger and his baby tiger. It is called cub. I have used googly eyes and clay and stick and paper to make his body.."

Hayaan showing his blue print

Hayaan's model making in process

Hayaan made Tiger and baby tiger too.

Hriyaan Gosalia: " Me aa Tiger banavya che. Tiger ni eyes che, legs che, tail che ane body ane face che.."

Hriyaan's final model

Ivaan Shah: "I have made this tiger . I made his face, body, legs and tail."

Ivaan showing his blue print

Engrossed in model making


Jiyanshi Newal: " This is my tiger. I make the body and tail. I used orange thick paper .I used orange thick paper to make face. I made eyes, nose, ears with sketch pens. I used sketch pen to make stripes.

Jiyanshi showing her model

Jiyanshi:" My tiger is made of paper.

Jiyanshi display of her model

Manya Desai: "Ma'am I have made this tiger from card board. I used orange colour to make his body and face. I used sketch pens to make his stripes and thread to make his whiskers."

Manya showing her blue print.

Manya engrossed in model making

Manya's Model

Ransh Thakkar: " This is my tiger. Me face banavunga, uski banavunga aaur tail bhi bana dunga."

Ransh sharing his blue print

Ransh making his model of tiger.

Reyansh Patel: "This is face of tiger. I used box of kitchen box. I used colour orange for the body. I make legs with candy sticks. I used candy sticks for tails.

Reyansh engrossed in making his model of Tiger

Reyansh's final model of Tiger

Rihaan Baxi:" I have made the eyes. I used the plastic bottle for body covered the plastic bottle with yellow paper. I did hole in the bottle and put sticks. I fix it googly eye and paste it."

Rihaan sharing his blue print

Rihaan is folding paper to make the body of tiger

Rihaan's final model

Rishvika Gupta: "This is the tiger. This is of the there is his legs and it is made of straw. This is whisker. This is googly eyes. I have used sketch pen for mouth. For stripes I used sketch pen. From cut out paper I made face and ears."

Rishvika's blue print

Rishvika enjoyed making her model

Rishvika has made Tiger and its cave.

Riva Tank:" I have made this tiger using candy sticks, plastic spoon and paper. I have used fevicol to stick its face, tail and legs to its body."

Riva- blue print

Riva making her model

Riva shared her model and also displayed the hand puppets she has made of different animals

Shaarvil: " I have made the body using box. I crumbled the paper for its head. I had taken googly eye. Yellow color pompom for nose. Stickers attached and rangoli colors for borders."

Shaarvil was very delighted to share his ideas of how we will make the model of tiger.

Shaarvil showcased his model and also created its surrounding.

Tavishi: " I have made this tiger face from wipes. I stripes with the help of water color. With the help of paper I made tail. I used candy sticks for legs and put in."

Tavishi sharing her blue print

Tavishi showing her model

Tavishi's beautiful model

Veditha Aduri: " I have used plastic bottle to make his body. Then I sticked the paper on the bottle and colourd it with orange colour and made blacks stripes on its body. I made this face and his tail. I also made his legs with paper."

Veditha engrossed in making her model

Veditha's final model of Tiger

Viha: " I have made this tiger with paper and I have used black sketch pens to make stripes on his body."

Viha showing her blue print

Viha's model of Tiger

Viha with her model

Vyom Agrawal: "I use can to make body. I use hot gun to place it. I used color for leaves, with the newspaper I made tail."

Vyom sharing his blue print

Vyom's final model

Children shared their creativity and imagination by making Stories, Rhymes and Riddles



Once upon a time there was one dog and he was very happy. He went to the market to buy some food and he brought some biscuits. On the road he met with the cow and he said to cow to give him some milk. Cow gave him milk and he goes home. He eats biscuit and milk and goes to sleep in his kennel.


Once upon a time there was a crab. He was playing on the beach. On the same beach there were some boys. Boys saw the crab and started teasing the crab. It felt very bad. So crab went to his mumma crab and told her about it. Mumma crab came and scolded the boys. But boys were still teasing the crabs. So mumma crab bit the boy and boy had to go to hospital.

Moral of the story:

We should not tease anybody and beach belongs to everyone.



There was a snake in the grass, in the grass, in the grass

He was living in the jungle.

One day he went out to play, out to play, out to play with his friends in jungle.

They were playing hide and seek, hide and seek, hide and seek they were playing hide and seek in the jungle.

Mumma snake came to take him home, take him home, take him home.

Then he want to home with his mumma snake.


Once I saw a bird in the nest, in the nest, in the nest.

There was mumma bird, pappa bird and two baby birds.

They were all eating grains.

They wanted to play and have fun all day long.

Mumma bird say to go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep.

So they all go to sleep in their nest.



"I am one animal that has shell and it can take it's face inside. Who I am?"

Ans: Tortoise


"I can change colours. Who am I?"

Ans: Chameleon


"I am one animal that can live on land and in water also. I am green in colour. Who I am?"

Ans: Crocodile


"I have four legs, one tail and two horns. I am white in colour. Who I am?"

Ans: Cow