Teachers' Reflections

Sr kg A :

Animal kingdom was an intriguing topic but the biggest challenge was to conduct it virtually so as to engage children. Children won against the apprehensions by sharing names of many animals, making recognizable clay models, weaving stories and doing research on animal facts using Kiddle.co Next poser was to give exposure to children, due to the pandemic situation was a task but the active involvement by parents gave children an opportunity to visit Science city aquarium, Indroda park and Kankaria zoo. This live and practical exposure got many queries answered. Last but not the least, the model making and the ideas that came up from there were much awaited - and the outcome was fruitful. The journey through the Animal kingdom was complete with the look at different versions of Aquariums made by children. We equally thank the parents to be a support through out the journey of the Animal Kingdom.

Kajal Shah and Deepali Jain

Sr KG B:

“The animal kingdom is an incredibly diverse group that even includes all of us humans.What does it mean to be an animal, and how do we relate to all of these living things?” As a Teacher we were aware about this topic but now it was the time to make children familiar with this term ‘Animal Kingdom’.

In order to see that children get the maximum exposure during this project, we prepared different strategies .When we were using these different strategies children were developing more understanding about this topic.It was amazing to see their responses which were beyond our imagination.

In order to foster their learning to the next level we arranged the field trip both virtually and physically by doing a live session from the zoo.

As teachers now we knew that children had gathered sufficient knowledge about this topic which was clearly visible in the models they made.It was a sense of satisfaction to see their learning through various mediums they used to express

Throughout the three phases we had observed that children were engaged in learning and their curious mind was getting enough food to fulfill their quest to learn more about this topic.

Overall it was an amazing experience for both teachers and students.

We take this opportunity to thank parents for getting equally involved in the learning journey of our kids.

Meghna Mehta and Rekha Menon

Sr KG C:

‘Animal Kingdom’, what a glorious topic to do as a project. Still this year we were very much skeptical about the journey as the physical boundaries were always there as a barrier of exploration. But when we started the project, we always felt the enthusiasm in children to share about their experiences. They kept the whole journey so much interactive with all their sharings. We enjoyed their funny faces and imitations of animals. We felt amazed to see them creating clay models, animals with palm printing. We together were mesmerized to see the cuddling interaction of gesture between the zoo animals and Dr. Shah and with other caretakers there. Though we were not physically present together during their visit to the aquarium or animal farm, we sensed their excitement from their gestures and sharing on the very next day. How excited they were when they shared about ‘Malai-and Kulfi the dogs, Khatti-Mithi the donkeys, Maya the pig, Buddha the Mule’ How empathetic they were when they shared “We can tickle the mouse with only one finger otherwise it will get scared.” While listening to their experience inside the aquarium tunnel we forgot that we had never been there. We will always be beholden to the parents for sharing part of our responsibility in children’s learning process.

This virtual project strengthened our bonding with parents as team members in the child's growth. We will never forget how interesting it was to find answers for children's queries in Kiddle and to know about animal facts from them which they investigated from encyclopedias. We also broaden our knowledge with their shared information, like, “Skunk is the stinkiest animal.” When children were asking riddles to us and creating stories and rhymes, we also brainstormed with them, giggled with them. The negotiation, the exchange of peer's suggestions and creative ideas while making the models were the ultimate pleasure to experience in the pandemic situation. All these finally satisfied us about the justification of our part of job in their project journey. We felt like an achievement when they were sharing “ma’am, we enjoyed all the activities, I liked all in Animal project.” and finally their welcome note declared the victory of these little minds against all odds.

Krishnakali Dey and Khushali Trivedi

Sr kg D :

‘Animal Kingdom’ is an extensive topic. The topic is such that children are already aware about it and are eager to share everything they know. Our task was to level it up and give children exposure about things they were not aware of. We tried to achieve that with the help of videos, ppt, resource person, kiddle and field trips. Parents showed us tremendous support by taking children on field trips and upgrading their knowledge through encyclopedias. The best part was making models. While making models, even virtually we gave suggestions to each other, did problem solving and also discussed the challenges faced while making the models.

The journey of the project ‘Animal Kingdom’ was filled with fun, discussions, creativity, innovations and new learnings !

Paanisha Patel