Phase l

Beginning of the project

We started the project by eliciting children's prior knowledge and experiences related to the theme "Animal Kingdom." It piqued children's natural curiosity, and children were excited to share their thoughts in various ways: discussions, stories, drawings, clay models and more.

Children's prior knowledge about Animal Kingdom

Aditya: "Unki size different hoti hai."

Manasvi: "There are different categories of animals like amphibians, mammals, reptiles, water animals and wild animals. Birds are amphibians."

Siddanth: "Herbivore wo hota hai jo plants khate hai, carnivore meat khata hai aur omnivore dono khata hai meat aur leaves."

Arhaan: "Some are nocturnal animals like owl who is awake at night."

Kiaan: "Mammals bhi hote hai jo eggs nahi dete hai."

Ishanvi: "Crocodiles are big and they live on land and water also."

Jwal: "Insects are very small in size and they lay eggs."

Amairah: "Elephant has big trunk, it lives in forest and eats bananas."

Shreeja: "Those animals who eat other animals their teeth are different."

Vedant: "Quills of porcupine are very sharp."

How do animals help us?

Nivaan: "Pet animals help karte hai hamein. Hamare ghar ko wo guard karte hai aur hamare saath wo khelta bhi hai."

Aarav: "Cat catches rat so no rat will come, in this way cat help us."

Inaaya: "Hen gives us egg."

Akishi: "Cow helps us by giving milk."

Jiyaan: "Horse helps us to carry loads and it also gives us ride."

Freyana: " Honey bees gives us honey and stays in beehive."

It looks like a Giraffe and something like camera so it's 🦒camera

Sharing Prior Knowledge through Art Work

Palash Devalia

Palash Devalia

Nivaan Thakkar

Manasvi Pawar

Vedant Patel


Shraya Doshi

Kiaan Sharma

Jiyaan Gohil

Ishanvi Goel

Inaaya Mankad

Freyana Daruwala

Advik Mandowara

Aarav Jain

Aditya Solanki

Shreeja Keshwala

There is a house and the cat comes out of the house to drink the milk.There is a grass in front of the house  and the cat is playing in the grass

There is a house and the cat comes out of the house to drink the milk.There is a grass in front of the house and the cat is playing in the grass.

The elephant is drinking water the arrow shows that and the other arrow shows it eat leaves of the tree and bat can fly and see in the dark.

Panda lives in forest. Panda eats bamboos and leaves. Panda is playful animal. Panda is very cute animal. Panda is black and white in colour.

We can see this animals in snow. Penguin and snow bear are very cute. Penguin jumps in the snow and move.

Lion is wild animal… and lion eats meat. Dolphin is sea animal…dolphin eats fish.


I selected 🐢 as

its easier to draw.They can live in water,on land and in home too with us.I saw them in three places.First time at my previous school in pond,then at my native with some family.last I saw them at the science city.wallnut Shell reminds me of turtle shell.I know the story of rabbit and turtle.In this picture I draw turtle in sea,with some corals,and some plants and snail.turtles are vegetarian and none vegetarian.

Lion is a wild animal is eats meat nd other animals..lion's house is den nd forest.


Dolphin 🐬

Dolphin jump very highly.

Dolphin are good and they eat fish.

Dolphin stay in the water.

Lion jungle me rehta hai. Bite na kar le isliye cage me rakhna padta hai.

I love colourful fish. Octopus have 8 legs. Wo water animal hai

This is a forest . The owl lives on the Apple tree and owl is a dangerous bird and the hole is the owls home. The fox is chasing the bird whose nest is on the tree. The lion is inside it’s cave.

Lady farmer have farmhouse...

Farmhouse me hen and uske bachhe he.vo bhag na jaye so jalivale ghar me rahte he.hen gives us egg..

Flowers ke pas me butterflies he..

Cow he jo shed me rahti he. Cow gives us milk..

It is Mammoth, it is extinct animal. It has 2 very long tusks . Extinct means jo finish ho jate he wo. Fir wo fossil ban jate he.

Animal- lion

Home- den. The lion lives in the forest.

Food- nonveg

Fish is a sea animal …tortoise is running for the race fish is looking for the food

Lion jungle me rehta hai. Bite na kar le isliye cage me rakhna padta hai.

I love colourful fish. Octopus have 8 legs. Wo water animal hai

This is a dog. The shelter of a dog is called kennel. A dog eats bone and dog food.

After sharing their prior knowledge through discussions and artworks, children started getting clarity of what they wish to know more about.

What do you want to know more about Animal Kingdom?

Advik: "I want to know how animals got extinct."

Shraya: "How do animals look different?"

Palash: "How to protect endangered animals ?"

Prahan: "How do birds eat?"

Aaradhya: "Dinosaur kaha rehta hai ?"

Stories-Children not only expressed their ideas through art work but they also created some stories.


Dog got scared from the shadow of wolf and run away and hide under tree. Then dog eat wolf tail and he got key. He opened the door and ran away to the last level.


Once upon a time there was a tiger and his family. He was eating pancakes and ice creams. Tiger felt asleep without finishing the ice cream. Mom waked him up and he drank the ice cream as it melted.


There was elephant which was hungry, then he go to the forest and found bananas on the tree. Monkey was there on the tree. The elephant said,” Can I eat bananas?”, monkey said,”Yes, of course”. Monkey threw bananas down and elephant eat them with his trunk and went to bed.


Once upon a time there was a lion sleeping in a cave. There was a rabbit, it went into the cave and said,”Wow I can live in this cave too”. Lion suddenly woke up and said to the rabbit,” Get off my cave” but the rabbit said,” I would like to stay with you”. The lion sais,”Okay” and they both became friends and stayed together.


One day there was a giraffe who cannot dance. He tried but he fell and there was a party of the jungle soon. Giraffe came to the dance board and everybody laughed so giraffe ran away.”If you try slowly you can dance”, said cricket. He started playing violin and giraffe started dancing slowly.


A hungry lion was pretending to be sick to 3 bulls and said,”Can you give me water, I am not well.” Bulls were unable to find water and the lion followed them and one by one he enjoyed his feast.


One forest one house, one man.

Horse had neck pain and man tied something and he cured neck pain of horse. Horse said,”Thank you” and go to the cart.


Once upon a time one cock met a friend, a pup. They both go to her home and said,” Mumma, I have a new friend, can I play with him?” Mumma said,”Yes, of course you can play with her”. They both played happily.


Once upon a time there was a cat and eat. The cat was sleeping out in the room. The cat came running on the way and the cat wake up. Then the mouse reached the kitchen and the cat wakes up and got the idea that the rat has reached in the kitchen. She quickly catches the rat before rat makes the mess.


There was girl she go to farm to see all the animals, She saw pig, Dog, cow,rabbit. She gave carrots to rabbit, She gave dog a bone, Birds grains then from fram she went to shopping with her family then went home and sleep.


There was a cat who was awake. She was hunting at night. The black cat was bad she threw rat in the garbage and later she ate the mouse. The blcak cat and his tummy was full. And the night had gone and day begins. Now black cat goes to the farm looking for other animals.


Once upon a time there was a boy and dog. Boy ko dog bohat pasand hai. Dog ko bones and leaves pasand hai khane mai. Boy ka class chal raha tha toh vo class khatam karne gaya.


The Girl was eating banana. One Tiger came and ate girl.