Phase lll

Concluding the project

After detailed investigations in Phase II, children now selected one specific animal of their choice to make the model of. There was a step by step procedure which we followed before they started making the model. They created a blue print, discussed the materials to be used for making the model and finally created individual models of extinct and endangered animals. During phase III, they also recapitulated their whole journey and shared their likes and dislikes about the project.

Children's growing knowledge throughout the phases of the project was captured by teachers in the form of a children's web.

Recapitulating the journey

Advik Mandowra: "I really enjoyed during this animal kingdom project.. I came to know so many things about different different animals.. I liked it.. thank you."

Siddhanth Bhatt: "Animal kingdom theme is my favourite theme. I enjoyed all activities. I like extinct animals topic very much."

Akishi: " Because it is an animal theme that’s why I like it. I was not aware about the female tiger I learnt from this project."

Prahan: "I love animal kingdom project as i love to explore new things."

Likes and Dislikes

Inaaya: "I like model making and making of animals with numbers and letters because in model making I painted turtle and pond. and i also made butterfly, jelly fish and dinosaurs with numbers and letters."

Aarav: "I love palm printing activity as i paint my hands with paint and it was fun making animals with palm."

Palash: "I like scavenger hunt activity and i was hunting different animals at home."

Shreeja - "Mujhe model banane wali activity pasand aai kyounki usme maine dinosaurs banaye paper mesh se."

Vedant: "I like model making because love to make the model and my mother helped me."

Jwal: "Mujhe clay models bohat achha laga usme i can make different animals."

Prahan: "I dont like riddles because i was not able to guess the name of animals."

Akishi: "I dont like clay models because the clay got dried after few days."

Model making

Nivaan Thakkar

Shreeja Keshwala

Siddanth Bhatt

Shraya Doshi

Advik Mandowara

Aarav Jain

Freyana Daruwala

Ishanvi Goel

Jwal Patel

Prahan Doshi

Palash Devalia

Akishi Agrawal

Blueprints and Models

Blueprint of Akishi Agrawal

Akishi Agrawal

"I made it with 2 box. I used hot glue gun and thermocol. I made meteors with foil and clouds with cotton. I made dinosaurs and cut it with scissors."

Blueprint of Aarav Jain

Aarav Jain

"I have made pentaceratops. I drew on fabrics and cut it then in stuffed cotton. I used googly eyes and I used cardboard for base. I made grass and I painted pond and also used paper to make trees."

Blueprint of Advik Mandowara

Advik Mandowara

"I make a tree of paper, dino of cardboard, clouds of cotton and asteroids with foil. I used clay to stick dinos."

Arhaan Shah

"I have used newspapers, cotton, googly eyes, ice cream sticks for making dodo bird. My mamma helped me."

Amairah Mandaliya

"I have used lunch box, dry leaves, grass and mixed 2 clay white and black to make grey color. I made rhinoceros. My grandma helped me."

Freyana Daruwala

" I make my project with pom pom and I also used plastic dino. I used sticks to make to make trees. The base is made of box and my mumma helped me to make."

Blueprint of Inaaya Mankad

Inaaya Mankad

"I used cardboard for base, coconut shell for turtle. I have used cotton for his face and tail. I have used rangoli colours to make pond."

Blueprint of Ishanvi Goel

Ishanvi Goel

"I used paper straws, clay, pebbles to make Panda. I used cardboard box as the base. My mumma helped me in making the model."

Blueprint of Jiyaan Gohil

Jiyaan Gohil

" I used cardboard for the base, foil paper for asteroid's then I put some little drops for fire and volcano. I cut one plastic bottle and cut it in triangle shape. I used cotton and foil for eruption. I used bandage which is creating dust and the tsunami is coming and these are reasons why dino's became extinct."

Kiaan Sharma

"Clay se hum n eggs banaye hai, candy box se gufa banai hai. Hum ne plastic dinosaur aur plastic trees use kiye hai. Aur mumma ne help kiya mujhe project banane mai."

Shraya Doshi

"I used thermocol to make base, clay to make panda, 4 paper to make bamboo tree, straws are for river and i labelled it."

Blueprint of Manasvi Pawar

Manasvi Pawar

"My mumma helped me to make volcano, meteors and dinosaurs. We used cardboard box, clay, paints and colourful papers for making extinct dinosaurs."

Blueprint of Prahan Doshi

Prahan Doshi

"It is t-rex. I have used stone. Painting mai mujhe thoda problem hua. I also made eyes using googly eyes."

Blueprint of Palash Devaliya

Palash Devaliya

"I have used thermocol sheet for base, Dry coconut for fur of mammoth. I also made igloo with thermocol, straws to make woolly mammoth legs, cotton balls to make eyes. I was tired making the model. Candy stick se kar raha tha toh bhi model khada nahi ho raha tha. Fir candy stick nikal ke straw lagaya."

Blueprint of Siddanth Bhatt

Siddanth Bhatt

"I used plastic titanoboa and wrote the reasons for its extinction. My mumma helped me in making the model, we used cardboard as the base so it can stand properly."

Blueprint of Vedant Patel

Vedant Patel

"I made trees out of paper and tiger out of clay. I made rock out of newspaper. I made grass with paper, tunnel with cardboard, trees with paper straw and pond by coloring and fishes out of clay."

Shreeja Keshwala

"I used box. I made dinosaurs with the help of clay then my papa help me to color it. Plastic plants I used. Paper mesh dropped so I used clay to make the model."

Jwal Patel

"I made with thermocol sheet. I made volcanos with close-up toothpaste. I made mountains with tissue and newspaper. Trees with straws and paper, Volcano erupts and meteors are of tissue paper."