Socio-Emotional Development

Projects provide wonderful opportunities for children to express and collaborate with each other. Through small group and large group discussions, children learn to share and listen to each other’s ideas. They learn to work with each other towards the common goal of investigating as well as visualizing and creating their models. They develop confidence to interview experts and to express their own ideas and choices across situations. Children learn how to be persistent and resilient as the in-depth project journey requires a lot of patience, ability to handle challenges and hard work. Finally, children exercise their problem solving and decision making skills throughout the entire process of research and investigation.

Feeding Animals showcased that children love and care for animals

Shreeja Keshwala

Feeding grass to cows

Prahan Doshi

Feeding grass to cows.

Advik Mandowra

Mai birds ko aur animals ko feed karta hu. Birds ko mai dana bhi deta hoon. And i feel happy

We understand, experience, express, and manage emotions, develop meaningful relationships with animals too.

Kaira Desai

I give biscuits to the dogs.

Hridya Ujalayan

I give green grass to cow.

Aaradhya Singh

I am giving carrots to the rabbits.

Siddhansh Lakhani

Pushti Mehta

Children sharing their excitement when asked them to enact like animals. Their emotional expression fostered during the project.

While seeing this presentation Freya shared, "My mother gives my old clothes to the children who sleeps on street."

Jiyanshi feeding pigeons

Siddhansh is proud as he is able to feed the stray dogs.


Avan shows his happiness while feeding the birds.

Shaan's contribution to the society while celebrating Joy of giving week.

Having fun, fostering team spirit, enhancing knowledge about animals....all can possible while playing online quiz in

Kabir Shaikh

There was a boy who went to pet shop. He bought a cow and also something for the cow to play. The cow gives us milk so I will give toy to the cow. The boy and the cow went to the shed to play with the toy.

Bird Feeder

Children made bird feeders and showed that they care about animals

Viha showing her bird feeder

Rishvika hanged her bird feeder and its ready for birds

Riva putting grains for birds in her bird feeder

Hriyaan bird feeder.mp4

Hriyaan sharing about his bird feeder and its use

Sharing likes and Dislikes

Hriyaan," I enjoyed enacting like Tiger."

Shaarvil," I liked making crocodile from clay."

Tavishi," I liked model making of Tiger."

Rishvika," I enjoyed becoming tiger."

Sharing emotions and feelings

Children expressed their connection and empathy with the animals through their stories.