Language Development

Language Development

A project approach gives children many opportunities to express and communicate their feelings, needs, preferences and experiences. It helps them to build an enriching new vocabulary through exploration and group discussions. Children are encouraged to express their ideas using multiple modes such as verbal dialogues, stories, rhymes, riddles, drawings, writing, and artwork.

Instruction based drawing (in Hindi):

Children were given instructions in Hindi and they illustrated the same on paper.

1.) ek chidiya ped pe baithi hai.

2.) ped ke niche kharghosh hai.

3.) ped ke pass talaab hai

4.) talaab mein paanch machliyaan hai.

Jiyanshi Newal

Rishvika Gupta

Vivaan Joshi

Ruthva Parekh

Children reading sentences

Children show cased their reading skills

Vyom Agrawal.mp4

Vyom reading sentences


Kush Thakkar

Children reading Stories

Showcasing reading skills and using phonemic awareness to read the story.

Tavishi Patel.mp4

Tavishi reading story on her own

Dhvet Shah.mp4

Dhvet reading words

jian_word_ring-language- deve.mp4

Jiana Dhankani


Mihira Sah

Story- Animals run Away

Children listened to the story. They illustrated animals in the story. The illustrations were self-explanatory.

Aarna Raval

Riva Tank

Exposed to Hindi vocabulary through the story 'Teen Machliya'.

Children learnt Hindi words like :

Machliya /Talab / Jheel / Machwarey/Buddhiman /Pesha /Jaal