Phase lll

Concluding the Project

While concluding the project, children represented their learning in the form of a model. It was also represented in their drawings and clay models. They came up with different ideas and materials for the model. Children also recalled their journey and learning from the project. After making the model, they shared their experience of model making and also the challenges they faced and how they resolved them.

Children shared their prior knowledge and new learning throughout the project. This was represented in the form of a web.

Recapitulating the Journey

Mishika : "I saw rat and some toys and I saw dolphin and I also went to the aquarium one day and I just saw goldfish over there and there was some shark over there too. I went there with my sister, one friend, mom and dad. Then I did the animal project."

Siddhansh : "There are three types of animals. Carnivorous, Omnivorous, Herbivorous. Eats vegetables is herbivorous. Who eat animals is Carnivorous. Who eats grass and animals are Omnivorous. Wild animals and water animals. Extinct animals is dinosaur and dragon and dodo bird."

Ruthva : "Giraffe eats plants. Lion eat meat and other animals and squirrels eat nuts, rabbit eats carrot. If honey bee stings a person it dies?"

Arkin : "Vertebrates and Invertebrates. Vertebrates is with backbone. Invertebrates is without backbone. Vertebrates are mammals, reptiles. Mammals who give birth to young ones. Birds- they have sharp eyes and wings, hollow light weight bones."

Shravi : "I am saying that, we do our project, we do animal drawings, we do activities, we make zoo, we do other activities, animal theme drawings at my home like tiger, lion, peacock that kind of drawings I made. Then I made clay models of animals like elephant, snake, bunny. Ladybug have 6 legs."

Avan : "I want to tell you about lady bug. Lady bug egg lay kare. They have small small legs. Invertebrates. They are red and have black dots also so others can't eat them."

Mahira : "We did so many things in thumb printing, rabbit, cat, turtle, chick and bee. I went to the aquarium, I saw so many fishes, tiger shark, shark. We went to field trip, aapne humko zoo bhi dikhaya. tiger, lion, hippopotamus, elephant, and we learned where they live and what they eat. There are herbivore, carnivore, omnivores. Textures of animals bodies, rabbit is soft. They(animals) lives in jungle, water they lives in cold. Penguins live in ice. I love the most animal kingdom."

Joanna : "Dinosaur is extinct. Insects have 6 legs. We did animal riddles, poems and stories. Their babies, their house, their food."

Avya : "When I go to village, there is so many buffaloes, there is bushes, there is butterfly. In aqua science city, I saw shark, baby shark, shark got fever. My mother, father, sister, uncle, aunt. There is so much cold. I saw dinosaur movie. In kankaria zoo, there is so smelly birds, there is train, ducks, hippopotamus, elephant and snakes. Hippopotamus is in the water. Elephants eating grass with the trunk. I saw gorillas in Bali zoo."

Pushti : "Insects have 2 antennas. Spider can walk on water surfaces. We draw blue print, make model. We searched lion height."

Diyan : "Snakes is a vertebrate. Birds they can fly, they have wings, eat grains with beak. Birds know how to fly in direction."

Aarya : "Birds have hollow bones. "

Likes and dislikes through the project

Vivaan Ranpariya : "Bamboozle games I liked. Model and thumb painting and riddle. Drawing and making all models. I like everything. I like to da exercise."

Avya :"I like that we make riddle and stories. I like that we make animal models and I like we the drawing we did yesterday (life cycle of frog and Hindi instructional drawing). I like everything."

Maanveer : "I like k humney dance kiya. Aquarium gaya thha. Counting wali achhi lagi. Blue print bhi achha laga. Clay se khelna achha laga. Break mein jo rest kiya woh achha laga. Homework achha nahi laga."

Shravi : "Story of nocturnal animals. There was an owl, a puppy dog, a fox and the insect (firefly and cricket). "

"I liked making clay models, the zoo. I didn’t like to do the frog drawing (Life cycle drawing) not the story but the drawing."

Avan : "Making something out of clay. Puppy making with origami paper. I fed all the animal. Horse are scary, I didn’t like feeding horse."

Harit : "Me like clay model and zoo. I like everything."

Het : "I like thumb print and zoo. I do not like Homework."

Arkin : "I liked making the elephant with newspaper, tissue paper, fevicol. I liked making story of six goats and six baby goats. I don't like The lion mask making. "


Dhiyanshi : "I like to make giraffes. "

Siddhansh : "I enjoyed everything. I liked making the tiger. I like joy of giving."

Mishika : I liked to make models. It was funny to make the pond. Visiting the aquarium. Didn’t like making the stand of the sheep.

Mehar : "I enjoyed making the tiger. Making clay models. I didn’t like the tadpole story."

Mahira : "I liked the thumb printing and the animal walk, I liked making the lion puzzle and the model and riddle and stories and rhymes. I like everything."

Children's model gallery

Avan: "This is the dangerous animal in the whole world. I made this with blue paper and paper plates and papers, sketch pens, pencils. This is the bottle and cups."

Teachers : Initially he made the den with a carton but he was not happy as dens are never rectangular in shape. So he changed the whole den before culmination, setting an example of resilience.


Making of the model

Making of the model

Dhiyanshi: "Giraffe eats leaves. It is the natural habitat. He is a herbivore. This is an owl. he is seeing the giraffe. This we used the tub."

Ruthav's Blueprint : jungle- lion, monkey and crocodile.

Ruthva's Model

Ruthva : "Then we make the animals, then we cut the trees and it is stick with clay, then we put the rocks. then we did the monkey and the monkey is heavy, so we made with paper, then I put the eyes, then I put the hands, then I put the tail like that I made the monkey. This is the treasure hunt and this is the grass. I made this lion and my brother made this lion and then I coloured the den."

Mehar's Blueprint of Tiger and her model.

Mehar : "I made this from cup, box, a bowl and paper dish with colourful grass. I used clay model and sticked it with tape. Sticking was difficult so I just used gum and it was sticking."

Joanna : "I made crocodile with paper. I coloured the tree and i made stones and coloured apple with sketch pens, trees, leaves and I put candy sticks and cheetah is eating grass.This is lion, tiger, rhino and deer. These all are animals.Then I put all sand."

Maanveer : "Ek parcel wala packet mai se box liya, fir usko bandh karne ka kiya, dinosaur ko garmi lag rahi hogi, is liye bandh karne ka bhi kiya, aur fir tofan aa jaye is liye bandh kar diya."


Pushti : "These are lion and lion family. This is circle paper, One I make make and one mumma make and cut like this, then he has mane. Small face circle and small circle ears. Paws with paint. Den with paper balls, we stick and then we paint and stick with glue."

Siddhansh Lakhani

Siddhansh : "This is a crocodile and this is a hippo, this is a tiger, this is a lion and this is a cheetah. All are carnivores and wild animals. Tiger is with box and it was not difficult."


Shaan Bhrugu: "The penguins eat fish and they live in snow and the daddy penguins take care of the eggs. Penguins are birds but they can't fly. They live in iceland."

Vivaan Ranpariya:

"I used thermocol sheet, sticks, paper, stones and a box. I made the blueprint, dekh k yeh banaya. yeh paper lion hai, yeh sab trees. this is stick, this is security office, this is ticket counter and this is parking. This is hippopotamus in water. These are all toy animals. I missed giraffe."

Mahira : "I am making lion and his cub in a den."

Mahira : "I made the model in a box. I fold the paper and add circle face. I cut and coloured the cardboard to make the trees. I coloured the den with brown."

Arkin Pratap Singh : "This is elephant and babies. I made the elephant with paper. I made this lines with colourful ice cream stick. "

Avya Patadia : "I made this on thermocol. I painted cloud cutouts and made tree. These are leaves. this blue paper is the river. I made the mountain with paper. This is lion and this is tiger."

Diyaan Patel

Shravi Patel

Vivaan Kabra

Aarya Golecha

Het and Harit


Mishika enjoying making the model with her father.

Mishika's model on Animals in their natural habitat

Stories made by children

Arkin : "Once upon a time, there was an elephant and wolf and they both are friends. Lion came and said to both friends, "Hello, wolf how are you?". Elephant also said , "I am fine." Tiger came and said, "I will go to police." Elephant said, "What happened?" Tiger said, "Thieves come at my home. Thieves took every furniture from my home. Then police came in his house. Police said "Thieves go away. I will take you in jail. " Then thieves said, "No, no, no." Police said "yes, yes." Then thieves are in the jail."

Shravi : "Once upon a time, there was a crow with his wife. He lived in a big tree and suddenly in that tree down, there lived a snake. The once upon a time, the crow went to get some food and the wife was in the nest. The snake came up and eat the wife. Crow came back and looked everywhere, wife was nowhere. Then he thought, my wife will come back in the morning then crow sleep in the nest."

Misconceptions and answering queries

Mahira : Lion only eat deers.

Lions usually hunt at night. Their prey includes antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, young elephants, rhinos, hippos, wild hogs, crocodiles and giraffes. But they also sometimes eat smaller prey like mice, birds, hares, lizards, and tortoises.