Phase II

Developing the Project

During Phase-II, children explored and conducted first hand investigations to answer their various questions which were raised in Phase-I. Children were very curious to know about the physical features of different animals.They explored it through various mediums like online research, virtual field trip and physical visit to the zoo along with their parents.

Exploration of Animal Kingdom-Classification of Animals

Viha:" Frog can live on land and in water both."

Shaarvil:" Birds have hollow bones and so they can fly".

Rishvika:" The tortoise living in water is called Turtle and the one living on land is called Tortoise."

Dhvet:" Animal kingdom is made of Wild Animals, Domestic Animals, Farm Animals and Aquatic Animals."

Jiyanshi:" All the animals have different patterns on their body. Zebra has stripes, Leopard has spots, Peacock has beautiful feathers and fishes are very colourful."

Diyaan:" Animals also have bones like us. Tiger, Lion, Elephant and Zebra has bones".

Rihaan:" Seagulls are birds that stays on rocks and in so much water."

Vyom:" There are some animals that do not have 4 legs. They have 2 legs. Animals like zebra, lion, tiger, cheetah live in jungle and so it is called animal kingdom. It is the place where they live. Animals like crocodile lives in swamp. It is made up of dry land."

Freya:" Birds is in animal kingdom, Peacock is the colourful bird, crow is black colour and leg is yellow. Parrot is green its choch is red and colourful it sit on branch and duck is white and yellow too they in water and they swim."

Habitat of Animals-

During online class we researched more about the habitats of animals.

Hriyaan: "Kedii hoi ne te daar ma rahe che. Anu ghar bahuj nanu hoi che. Animals zoo ma pan rahe che".

Diyaan: "There are tree animals like- birds, chimpanzee, gorilla and monkeys. There are insects like- cockroaches and they live in our homes."

Veditha: "Birds have wings and they lives in nest."

Viha:"Mammal, insects birds and fishes are different types of animals. Pet animals lives with us at home."

Ivaan:" Wild Animals live in jungle, Farm Animals lives on farm, fishes lives in water and birds lives in nest."

Manya:" Dogs lives with us in home. Some dogs lives with police aur woh chor ko pakad ne me hamari madad karte hai. Some dogs lives in snow also."

Reyansh:" Wild Animals like Cheetah, leopard, kangaroo lives in jungle. They are also kept in zoo."

Shaarvil:"I have made kennel and stable."

Ransh has made lion’s den and different animals in Jungle.

Scavenger Hunt:

Children enjoyed discovering different animal homes in their surroundings.

Viha" I found this Ant home".

Rishvika:" I found this Pigeon's nest."

Ivaan:" This is Ant hole".

Diyaan:" I found Ant home in the parking place."

Ekansh:" I see this pigeon and it has laid an egg".

Riva found this home of Crow and its babies at her nani's home."

Researching and categorizing Animals based on their food habits

Ekansh:" Sharks lives in ocean and it eats other fishes."

Adveya:" Wild Animals eat meat. Cow its grass."

Hayaan:" Lion, Tiger, Cheetah eats deer and other animals."

Rihaan:" Animals like cheetah, tiger, lion they are carnivores as they eat meat of other animals."

Vyom:"Scavengers eat dead animals and decayed animals. Bear, birds like-peacock eat both and so they are omnivores. Snakes are carnivores."

Dhvet:" Lion is eating fish and bear is eating honey , deer eats plants and butterfly and honeybee sit in middle of the flower and eat food. Horse eats grass and it is herbivorus."

Freya:" Cow eats grass, jo animas grass khate hai usko herbivorus bolte hai aur lion ko carnivorus bote hai and tiger has brains so when he hunts he pounce on other animals. Jo animals mare pade rehte hai usko scavengers kha jate hai."

Children talked about the categories based on the eating habits of Animals after observing the video

Exploring Animal Patterns and Prints

Riva:" Tiger has stripes on its body and giraffe, Leopards and Cheetah have spots on their body.

Ivaan:" Zebra ko black and white stripes hoti hai."

Shaarvil:" Some Animals have stripes like Tiger and Zebra and some animals have dots like Leopard, Cheetah, Cow, Dog and Giraffe. Tortoise, Snake and fish also have different prints and patterns on their body."

Vyom:" Honey Bee had black and yellow print and their house print is in the shape of Hexagon."

Children saw the story and connected the discussion of Animal patterns and prints with it.

Children explored different Prints and Patterns of Animals through Presentation.

Manya has drawn Elephant, giraffe, dolphin,rabbit, crocodile, turtle

Reyansh has drawn giraffe in class and he has also drawn horn for it and he mentioned giraffe has got pattern on its body

Tavishi has drawn pattern in giraffe, tiger and tortoise.

Rihaan has made patterns on giraffe, cheetah and tortoise

Hriyaan has drawn elephant cat and mouse

Ransh has drawn zebra, giraffe and tiger patterns

Adaptation of Animals

Dhvet:" Polar Bear is white so that enemies cannot see it."

Rihaan:" Camel is brown colour and it lives in dessert and it can story water in its body as it will not get enough water in dessert to drink."

Jiyanshi:" Chameleon changes its colour so that it can live in all places and we cannot find it."

Tavishi:" Turtle hide in its shell and it protect itself."

Rishvika:" Giraffe has long neck so that it can eat leaves from the high trees."

Hriyaan:" Tiger ne stripes hoi che ane orange colour hoi che atle tiger bush ne pachad chupai jai ane koyne pan na dekhay."

Ransh:" Ma'am Jungle me jo bear rehta hai uske pass fur nahi hota aur polar bear ke pass fur hota hai kyuki woh snow me rehta hai."

Exploring Nocturnal Animals

Children came to know about the nocturnal Animals through the Story-Goodnight Tinku

Animal Fossils

Diyaan made the fossil of Camel, dog and Lamb

Ransh made fossils of all wild animals

Jiyanshi: I liked this activity of Fossil making

Tavishi made the fossil of crocodile.

Finding answers to children's queries-

Research through

Vyom:" Why do snakes have dots and stripes?"

The bright colours, designs and patterns are a great warning sign for any kind of predator to instantly realize that this snake could be poisonous and can kill them if they bite. This fools the predators and keeps them safe.

Freya:" Why butterflies are so colourful?"

Butterflies have brightly colored wings, warning predators not to eat them even accidentally. Their colour helps them to camouflage and hide themselves in environment to protect themselves from unseen danger.

Rihaan:" Why fox and rabbit lives underground?"

Foxes and Rabbits make their homes by digging burrows in the ground. These burrows provide a cool area to sleep, a good location to store food and a safe place to have their pups. The burrows also have several exits so that they can flee if a predator enters the burrow.

Veditha:" Why lizards crawl on the wall?"

Lizards have millions and millions sticky foot-hairs at the bottom of each of their four toes. Each foot-hair in turn splits into another hundreds of tiny. These tiny infinite, sticky hair allows lizards to stick themselves strongly on rough and smooth surfaces alike. Thus, Climbing vertical surfaces and even roofs tops becomes a very easy job for lizards.

Tavishi: "Why do Star Fish do not have eyes?"

Star Fish do have eyes, but they are placed on the ends of each of their arms. In total, they can have around 50 eyes placed on their limbs. These eyes could form rough images of the environment that would prevent the starfish from getting lost. Not only do these rough images help the starfish not to get lost; they use their sense of sight to navigate through the ocean.

Ekansh:" Why do tigers have stripes?"

Tigers have orange fur with black stripes, and a white belly. The black stripes usually extend to the white underside. The stripes are used to keep them camouflaged while hunting. Usually, two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.

Riva:" Why Giraffe has long neck?

Giraffes' necks allow them to reach food and nutrients that others cannot in the treetops. This becomes especially important for survival in habitats where food can become scarce and droughts. Giraffes' long necks are a sort of early warning system, allowing them to spot approaching predators.

Ivaan:" Why Polar Bears have white fur?

Polar bears have white fur so that they can camouflage into their environment. Their coat is so well camouflaged in Arctic environments that it can sometimes pass as a snow drift. Their white fur helps them to protect themselves from predators

Manya: " How fish breath in water?

Fish breathe with their gills A fish takes water into its mouth and takes it out through the gills. When water passes over the thin walls of the gills, dissolved oxygen moves into the blood and travels to the fish's cells.

Jiyanshi:" Why do tigers have whiskers?

A tiger’s whiskers help it find its way around small spaces even when it is completely dark and can send important messages to the tiger’s brain. It gives messages about what is going on around him or her. They help them hunt, find their way in the dark and sense when danger or a tasty snack is nearby.

Hriyaan:" Why do birds fly?"

Bird bodies are made to fly. They have light bones, strong legs, and specially shaped wings. Flying helps birds to find food that cannot be reached by other animals and also helps them to get away from animals that want to eat them, and makes them better hunters, too. Flying also helps them travel from cold places to warm places.

Dhvet:" Why do Animals have four legs?

Almost all the Animals living on land have four legs. Legs are limbs or appendages of an animal that are used to support the body, provide movement, and, in modified form, assist in capturing and eating prey

Field trip with Parents

Tavishi- "I went to Jungle safari at statue of unity. There I saw many animals and I saw their name , patterns, eating habits n many things about birds as well. I also visited aquarium at science city and I have seen different water animals."

Tavishi: "I did Tally marking of animals."

Vyom: "I visited science city aquarium and I also went to Indroda Park".

Hriyaan : "I enjoyed watching and feeding animals. I touch and feel if mouse are real at sugar rush".

Jiyanshi :"I visited Sundervan and I also visited Science city Aquarium and I am sharing about fish with friends."

Dhvet: "I visited zoo there I was watching Emu, Spotted deer."

Hayaan:"I visited Indroda park there I saw a Giraffe, Crocodile, Leopard and I also visited aquarium and saw stingray fish".

Virtual Field Trip

Children had the fun experience of seeing and observing different Animals through a virtual field trip organized by the teachers...

Adveya: "All animals are different."

Veditha: "Giraffe is the tallest Animal and it was eating grass."

Hayaan: "Tiger had stripes. There were crocodiles and there were birds who were pink in colour."

Freya: "Penguins are of black and white colour and they live on land and swim in water. Zebra is also black and white but it has stripes."

A live streaming from Kankaria Zoo

During the live session from Kankaria Zoo children interacted with the Veterinary Doctor- Dr. Shah who gave very interesting information about different Animals and also answered the questions asked by the children.

Vyom:" I want to know what do animals eat when they get sick?"

Tavishi: " How white tiger is different from orange tiger?"

Rishvika: "What is the difference between Leopard and Cheetah?"

Dr Shah sharing information about the sizes of eggs of different birds

Post Field Trip Drawings

Ransh has drawn elephant ,zebra and snake

Veditha has drawn elephant

Jiyanshi has drawn lion and lioness

Riva has drawn giraffe ,cat & Lion

Viha has drawn elephant & cat

Ivaan has drawn Elephant & giraffe

Tavishi has drawn cow,flamingo,frog and butterfly

Rishvika has drawn snake, tiger, lion

Dhvet Shah

Manya has drawn Horse, rabbit, panda

Model Making-

After the visit to Kankaria zoo children wanted to make their own model of a tiger.

Process of visualizing the model (Tiger)-

Children started visualizing their model by drawing the blue print for the same. They added details in their drawings and shared how they want to make their model.

Veditha making the blue print of her model

Adveya showing his blue print

Vyom explaining his blue print

Manya : "Look ma'am this is my blue print of Tiger."

Discussion on what material they will use to make their model

Ekansh:" We can use paper to make his body".

Hayaan:" We will use candy sticks to make the face of lion. We can use sketch pens to make stripes on his body".

Rihaan:" We can use googly eyes for tiger." We can also use legos to make the body of tiger and then we can use clay to make its face and then we can stick it on the body. We can also use the black clay to make the stripes of the tiger".

Shaarvil:" We can use paper, glue stick, fevicol, ice cream stick to make our model .We can use candy sticks to make the legs of tiger".

Veditha:" We can make tiger with clay."

Viha:" We will use sketch pens and candy sticks and stripes of paper to make tiger. Also we will use black stripes paper to make the stripes on his body."

Vyom:" We can use sticks and we can put them in clay and we can makes leg out of it. We can use use clay to make his tail."

Dhvet:" "We can use clay to make the tiger. I will use rectangle box to make his body".

Ivaan:" Hum clay se model bana sakte hai. Hum button se eyes bana sakte hai".

Jiyanshi:" We can use clay to make the model and I will use sketch pen to make his stripes and his face. I will use paper cut out to make his tail".

Manya:"Hum celo tape se uska body stick kar sakte hai.. Hum thread se uske face ke baal bana sekte hai."

Ransh:"Hum clay se uski tail bana sakte hai."

Reyansh:" We can use brown, black and orange colour to colour the tiger".

Rishvika:"We can use paper folding to make the tiger. We can use fevistick also to stick the body parts of tiger We can cut the circle and we can make his face."

Riva:"We can use clay and candy sticks. Hum fevistick, fevicol bhi use kar sakte hai. We will make circle of chart paper and make face. We will also use paper strip to make whiskers."

Riddles made by children

Diyaan:" I am one animal who runs very fast. Who am I?"

Answer: Cheetah

Ransh:" I stay on trees and I jump from one tree to other. I have tail. Wo am I?"

Answer: Monkey

Adveya:" I have black and white stripes. Who am I?"

Answer: Zebra

Vyom:" I can eat honey and fish both. Who am I?"

Answer: Bear

Freya:" I am one bird that is very colourful. I am the National Bird of India. Who am I?"

Answer: Peacock

Manya:" I have round eyes and I come out at night. Wo am I?"

Answer: Owl

Rishvika:" I live on land and in water both. I can hop also. Who am I?"

Answer: Frog

Veditha:" I eat grass and I give milk. Who am I?"

Answer: Cow

Rhymes created by children


Baarish aayi cham cham cham,

Chaata lekar nikle hum,

Pair phisla gir gaye hum

Upar chata neeche hum.


Bandar mama pahen pajama daavat khane aaye,

Topi kurta pehen bahut itraye,

Ras gulle pe je lalchaya

naranm naram tha,

garam garam tha

muhme rakha guppse

Jeeb jal gayi lipse.


One fish he was very happy

when his friends come

So he swim in water with his friends

Fish was very happy, very happy, very happy

Because they were all friends.


This are some Sharks,

How are you?

How do you do?

I want to play with you all.

I can play some ball and some roll game.

Will you come and play with me?


Ek Tiger tha,

Usko bhukh lagi to woh khana dhoondne gaya,

khana dhoondne gaya,

Toh usko hen mile.

Hen ne usko pizza diya,

Pizza diya

Aur woh pizza kha gaya.


Ek lombdi thee bhukhi pyasee,

Usko khana tha kuch like maggie,

Usne bola sevak ko maggie laavo,

Sevak ko kuch nahi mila,

Lombdi ne usko jail me daala.

Stories created by children


"Once upon a time there was one crocodile and one was monkey. Crocodile was living in water and monkey was living on tree. Monkey was giving jambu to crocodile to eat. One day crocodile wanted to eat the heart of monkey. He said to monkey," I will take you to other side of river and there are many trees of jambu. Monkey said" how I will cross the river." Crocodile said I will take you.

Then in the middle of the river crocodile said to monkey I want to eat your heart. Monkey said I forgot it on tree, So Crocodile takes him back.

Monkey goes on tree and never gives jambu to crocodile. "


"Once upon a time there was one crow. He was very thirsty. He wanted to drink water but there was no water.

He found a pot but the water was very less in the pot. Then he thought of some idea.

He brought stones and started putting them in pot.

Slowly slowly water came up. He was able to drink the water and he was not thirsty now.

He fly away from there."


"Once there was a girl and she had a pink doll. This pink doll was her favourite. Everyday the girl use to play with her.

One day daddy brought new teddy bear for the girl. Now girl likes the teddy bear and not the doll. The doll felt bad.

So girl again took the doll and started playing with her and Teddy bear.



"Ek vakhat che ne ek undar hatu. Tey che ne hole ma rahetu hatu. pachi che ne ek biladi hati. Undar ne biladi thi daar lagto hoto. Etle che ne te dog ne kahe che ke please mane aa cat thi bachavone.

Dog che ne te bahuj bark kare che ane cat ne bhagadi de che.

Dog ane undar friends bani jaay che."