Phase l

Beginning of the project

The project began with exploration of children's prior knowledge and experiences related to animals. They shared about various animals and their habitat, food, uses and features of animals through discussions, drawings, clay models, pretend play and stories. They also shared their knowledge about extinct and endangered animals.

Phase I - Children's prior knowledge about animal kingdom

Vivaan Kabra : "Lion is the king of the jungle. lions are carnivorous animals. Cheetah, lion and tiger eat meat. Carnivorous animals are those who eat meat. Giraffes are very tall. They eat, not meat they eat leaves of trees. Their colour is yellow and brown dots."

Arkin - "Lion, tiger and elephant are less in number."

Avan - "Rabbit and cat. cat lives in big house.We can feed them. Dog lives in a dog house. Sheep is not a wild is scary. he could not feed him. Pig eats vegetables."

Dhiyanshi - "pandas live in snow. it loves bamboos and it can climb on bamboos, in our house there is a bamboo tree, they can climb every tree and they can jump. Zebras are so short and they have black hairs and black and white stripes, black tail."

Het - "Domestic , wild and sea animals. Seals are eating fish. They lives in grass and water and pig colour is pink and he playing in mud and funny face. Pig eats leftover food."

Shaan - "I am going to talk about polar bear. polar bears eat fish, sea lions and penguins.They live in snow, north pole. Big turtles we cant see them any more they are very less. they are becoming less."

Shravi - "Wild animals name is tiger, bat, racoon because they can eat us bite us, that why they are in the zoo. Domestic animals - cat , cow, dog because they don't bite us like wild animals they are kind."

Maanveer - "Wolf hota hai na vo howls karta hai. aur vo shikar karne chala jata hai. wolf hunt with their families. wolf live in caves. Bear vo gufa mai rehta hai."

Maanveer : "Mai elephant hu"

Mahira's drawing of animals.


Diyaan sharing about animals with finger puppets.

Mishika : "A tortoise on the grass near a pond and a snail and a worm and a tree."

Ruthva : "Frog can eat the fly by rolling his tongue. Grizzly bear is small, frog is 'enormous' there is a fish shaped cake."

Elephant helps us to carry loads.

Het : "Elephants transfer wood in the jungle. We use their teeth.

How animals help us?

Mishika : "When something goes lost, the puppy smells and find it out."

Arkin : "Cow gives us milk to drink and we become healthy and strong."

Vivaan Ranpariya : "Horse for horse cart. We can ride in a horse cart. Camels are used in desert."

Avya : "Cow help us giving milk."

Pushti : "Dog guards our house."

Mahira : "Sheep gives us wool, yarn we will use na to make winter clothes, hand gloves, sweater, muffler, cap, woollen clothes."

Mehar : "Hen gives us egg and chicken."

Arkin : "Egg has protein."

Joanna : "Bee gives the honey. Camel gives us milk, we can ride, we can go to another place."

Harit : "Horse is used for riding."

Children's queries :

Siddhansh : "I want to know more about Black panther. How they attack you?"

Aarya : "Camel ek saath itna pani kaise pi sakta hai?"

Avan : "What lion eats?"

Stories weaved by children

Diyan : "Once upon a time there was a hen, who lives in the coop. Then he like to eat. Every day she grows the seeds. Then somewhere then he go out and buy new clothes, then he want to make bread and butter and all in his house and he cut them and ask one friend, "Can you please come here and have some?" then he ate all the bread and butter and the hen was so happy and the friend eat."

Ruthva: "Once upon a time there was a tiger hunting in the night. The lion was chasing the tiger. He saw a cow and started chasing him. But the cow ran away. He came back home and said to his mother "I can't even catch the cow." Mother said, "Now I will go with you and catch the cow and the lion." "

Avya : "Once upon a time there is one jungle there lives animals, lion, tiger, and there is one cave for tiger and there is two babies and a family. Everyday he go to hunting, he eat animals and then one day what happened, a big big elephant comes in jungle and he is so naughty because he eats every birds, honeybees, rabbit everyday he comes he eats honey. One day every jungle of animals comes on tree and say elephant is so naughty he eats my honey and then one day, every animal comes in night owl's home owl say this is not scary we want to become brave that morning you will catch the big elephant in a big water and every bird say "Elephant, elephant we take have surprise for you he said "ok" sit on my back he turned back all the animal pushes elephant in big water and water animals put him in another water crab bites the elephant because he is naughty tiger says elephant now go."

Joanna wearing a fox mask.

Het : "Once upon a time there was a fox. He walking in forest. He sees a lion sleeps. The lion wake up and sees the fox eat the fox. Fox's mom came and said 'sleep lion'. The lion sleeps and mom cut the tummy and take out her son and a cow also came out."

Avan : "The ant was marching. Elephant was teasing him. Then it go inside the trunk of the elephant and keep marching again. Then... it took blueberries and walk to the home. THE END. RABBIT is called bunny and have long ears...they eat carrot. I feed them they were so many so I got scare. Do u remember mumma ?"

Diyan : "Tiger is national animal. Tiger is a wild animal. It lives in a den. The sound of Tiger is roar. I love the Tiger."

Representation of children's knowledge through their drawings:

Shaan : "Flamingo stand on one leg. Flamingo eat fish and worms. Lions eat other grass eating animals like horses eat grass, lions eat zebra. Dogs eat biscuits."

Siddhansh : "Elephant is huge, owl is smart and Lion is King."

Jiyaan : "Animals pics like lion monkey n pig."

Harit : "Lion is king of jungle. Lion eats other animals.

Giraffe eats trees, giraffe is tallest animal.

Fish is water animal."

Arkin: "Ostrich is a very large bird. His half is his neck. Pigeon colour is grey and white. He eats corn and rice. Hummingbird has a needle beak. She eats insects. "

Shaan : "It's a snail, caterpillar and butterfly."

Ruthva : "Frog can eat the fly by rolling his tongue. Grizzly bear is small, frog is "enormous" there is a fish shaped cake."

Avya's Jellyfish with aata dough.

"Caterpillar can turn into a butterfly. Peacock open its feathers and dance in the rain with open feathers. Duckling can swim with her mother. Elephant Like Dumbo can have water in trunk and splash it. Octopus lives in sea. Seal is a water animal."

Siddhansh : "Caterpillar, Rabbit, Snake, Cow, Octopus and Fish."

Arkin's clay models of starfish, octopus, caterpillar, snake and stingray fish.

Harit's Clay models

Children made animal fossils and understood how we came to know about extinct animals.

Siddhansh Lakhani

Mahira Jain

Dhiyanshi took the imprint of dog's face on clay.

Videos of children enacting like animals:



Het and Harit having fun while enacting like animals.


Mahira moving like animals.


Ruthva moving lie animals and making sounds too.


Het and Harit enjoying Animal movements.


Aarya having fun with animals movements.