Phase I

Beginning the Project

We began our project with great enthusiasm with children sharing their prior knowledge and experiences with animals, as well as raising questions based on their natural curiosity.

Children's prior Knowledge related to animals

Diyaan: "Animals they chat with other animals. They don't talk like us. "

Ekansh:"Animals can sniff and they have four legs ."

Hriyaan: "snake chene jungle ma rahe che. Snake hole banave che grass ma ane pache ema enda muke che."

Rihaan: "Animals are different by size, noise and sound."

Shaarvil: "We have clothes and animals do not have clothes. We cook our food and they do not cook their food."

Tavishi: "Animals that eats other animal we call them wild animals".

Veditha: " wild animals live in jungle."

Viha:" we are living in our house and animals live in jungle. We don't have tail and they have tail."

Dhvet:" Animals have sharp teeth and we do not have it, with sharp teeth animals eat other animals. Lion is stronger than dog so dog cannot eat lion. Giraffe has prints on body and we do not have. Dog is domestic animal and cat is pet", some people hunt animals and some eat animals."

Freya:"Humans live in home and animals ive in jungle, we cook our food they pound and run tear it and eat it."

Ivaan:"Bhalu ko bear bolete hai aur wolf ko siyaal bolte hai."

Jiyanshi:"Animals do not have brains but humans have brain, animals live in zoo and some live in home they are pet animals." " Humans do not have tail and 4 legs but animals have, humans do not eat meat but animals eat."

Manya: "wild animal ko jail mai rakhte hai kyu ki wo hum ko bite karte hai. Mouse ko hum ghar me nai rakh sakte hai kyu ki wo furniture kha jata hai."

Reyansh:" lion is an animal. Sare animals jungle mai rehte hai tiger, lion,wolf, kangaroo panda.Tiger sai cheetah bahaut fast bhagta hai. Jerry is an animal and tom is cat and jerry is rat".

Rishvika:"Animals ke pass mooch hoti hai hamare pass nai hoti. Unki mooch ko wiskers kahete hai."

Riva: " We are humans and tiger is animal and dog and cats live with us so they are called pet animals."

Hayaan:" I am a tiger and I can roar."

Vyom:" I am a snake and hear my sound. I am hissing."

Rishvika:"Lion is the king of Jungle and it roars."

Ransh:" Elephant ke pass trunk hoti hai aur woh jungle me rehta hai. Uske kaan bade hote hai ar uski pooch choti hoti hai."

Children's prior knowledge regarding their habitats and young ones

Ekansh: " Dog lives in our home. It is called pet animal."

Diyaan:" Sheep, goat, duck lives on farm. They are farm animals

Hayaan:" Babies of animals are called young ones. Cow and hen lives on farm."

Rihaan:"Tiger babies are called cub, tiger lives in jungle and tiger roars."

Shaarvil:" Lion makes roaring sound, lion babies are called cub and they live in jungle."

Tavishi:" Dog lives in kennel, Cow baby is caleed calf and duck baby is called duckling."

Veditha:" Dog lives in dog house."

Viha: " Dogs baby is called puppy. Lion will eat small animals. Dog says bhow bhow. Dog lives on street."

Vyom:"Carnivores are those animals which eats the meat of other animals."

Dhvet:" Animals that live on farm they are called farm animals. Farm animals helps farmer. Bull helps farmer."

Freya:"Farm Animals she hame faida hota hai. Cow gives milk. hen gives eggs, sheep gives wool. Wool se chote babies ke kapde bante hai. "

Jiyanshi:"Giraffe, leopard, cheetah has dots on their body and they live in jungle."

Manya:" Some animals raat ko bahar aate hai aur unki aankhe chamakti hai. Aur some animals ki body me light hoti hai jo raat ko dikhti ha andhere mai. Kai animals ki body black hoti hai taaki woh rrat ko na dikhe."

Ransh:" Cow gives milk aur woh farm pe raheti hai."

Ekansh- "Fox live in the jungle"

Reyansh:" Cow baby is called calf".

Rishvika:" Farm animals lives on farm and they all have young ones. Hens baby is called chick, cows baby is called calf."

Viha:"I have draw lion, tree, den dove & forest."

Jiyanshi :"Ma'am lion lives in den, monkey in trees and this is fish pond with colorful fish"

Ekansh: Fox in the jungle

Discussing how animals help us...

Ekansh: " Dogs take care of our house. They also guard our house ".

Hayaan:" Tigers do not help us because they eat us. As they have sharp teeth and so they eat us and bite us." Cow gives us milk."

Hriyaan:" Pet dog keeps us safe. Sheep gives us wool. " Elephants carry big woods."

Rihaan: " hen gives us eggs."

Shaarvil: " Pet animals helps us but animals like lion they do not help us. They eat us."

Veditha:" Cow gives us milk. Horse is there for riding."

Viha: " Dogs take care of our house. They also guard our house because they are pet animals.Bullock cart me ghumne ja sakte hai"

Dhvet:" Buffalo gives us milk."

Freya:" Dog is pet animal and it help us. Police had big big dog aur woh dog chor ko pakad te hai. Home security me bhi dog hote hai. Cow and goa also gives us milk. hen hame ande deti hai."

Ivaan:" Dog guards our house".

Jiyanshi: " Horse helps us to ride, sheep gives us wool. Buffalo gives us ride. We can ride in buffalo cart, yak and sheep gives us wool, cow gives us milk."

Ransh: " Buffalo hame help karti hai. Woh hame milk deti hai."

Reyansh:" Buffalo gives us milk."

Rishvika:" Cow gives us milk and we drink that milk and we become healthy. Chicken gives us eggs and we eat them."

Tavishi:" We can also go for a camel ride."

Vyom: "Donkeys carry heavy loads"

Riva:" Sheep gives us wool."

Manya: "Honeybee gives us honey and they live in hive."

Apart from other information about Animals children wanted to know ...

Ekansh:" I want to know why tiger eat other animals?"

Diyaan:" Goat aur sheep ko lion kyu kha jate hai?

Hayaan:" Why cheetah's legs are so long"?

Hriyaan:" Lion shu khaay che?

Rihaan:" Why fox and rabbit live underground in hole?"

Shaarvil:" Why some animals run fast and some animals cannot run fast? Why do animals do not wear clothes?

Tavishi:" Why giraffe are tall"?

Viha:" Why animals have four legs?"

Vyom:" Why animals are different?"

Dhvet:" Why cats are different from us?"

Ivaan:" leopard ke legs lambe kyu hote hai?"

Jiyanshi:"Why giraffe has long neck?"

Rishvika:" What is the difference between cheetah and leopard?"

Riva:" What do pigs eat?

Veditha: "Why lizards crawl on the walls?"

Freya:" I want to know why butterflies are so colourful?"

Reyansh:" Why cheetah runs so fast?"

Sharing prior knowledge through drawings

Tavishi Patel- "I have made lion and he is living in the den."

Diyaan Parikh

Vyom Agarwal-It's a lion, snake, alligator and worm. They are all friends

Rihaan Baxi-"Lion is living in den"

Veditha Aduri

Manya Desai

Dhvet Shah-"I have drawn snake, monkey, lion and forest"

Ekansh Tawar- "Cat is drinking coffee"

Riva Tank

Shaarvil Shah

Hayaan Chandan

Reyansh Patel

Rishvika Gupta- " I have drawn a lion s den in a forest, with sun setting and clouds around. There is a cat far-away in the jungle."

Sharing prior knowledge through Clay models



Veditha -pig


Freya- "I have made colourful butterfly, tortoise, snail. Fourth one is a new animal and it is a new animal. She given “OUCHU” name to it."

Manya-Octopus, snake, monkey

Manya-Crocodile, butterfly

Dhvet- tortoise, lizard and turtle

Shaarvil- Pig, Ant

Anaconda, baby snake, Camel, Caterpillar

Rishvika-Water Animal- Tortoise and turtle with straws as water

Vyom-A pig, a snail,a king cobra family (Grey papa,pink mumma, yellow baby)

Jiyanshi- Lion with den

Viha- Mouse, Elephant, Dog and Duck


Stories created by children

Hriyaan- "Ek var ek komodo dragon hato. Pappa ramta hata balcony ma ane komodo dragon aayi gayo.Komodo dragon wall par chadhi gayo ane neche nato aavto. Garam pani nakhyu, Thandu pani nakhyu, pachi niche gayiane pappa ene net ma pakdi lethi ane ame tene junglee ma muki aavya."

Diyaan- "Once upon a time there was a rabbit. Once upon a time there was a jungle and some animals in the jungle. Lion was the king of the jungle. He was bad.Rabbit did idea. Told lion ke aapse bhi ek lion strong hai. Phir woh use well ke pas lejata hai. Lion well me dektha hai. Lion ko aapne parchaie dikti hai. Rabbit kaheta hai dekho andar dusra lion hai. Lion ko gussa aa jata hai aur woh jhor se roar karta hai aaur well me se echo hota hai. Lion well me kud jata hai dusre lion ko marne ke liye. Woh doob jata hai kyuke usko swiming nahi aati hai. Saare animals happy ho jate hai."

Jiyanshi- "Once upon a time there was a very bad lion. Lion eats all animals who lives in the jungle. Rabbit lives in the jungle. 7th Rabbit very very clever than one idea he had. He thinked of idea and then rabbit took lion to the water place and he shows lion another lion. Actually it was lions shadow and not another lion. Lion got angry and jumped into water. When lion jumped he died. All the animals lived happily in the forest."

Dhvet- "One time there was one boy riding a horse. Horse was eating then boy rode horse then they both go home and horse sleep and boy sleep in his house. Then the boy wakes up, changes clothes and goes outside to give food to the horse. The boy plays with one dog and gives an apple to eat. Then boy took horse and go to the market. He buys his clothes and toys and then he goes home and sleep again."

Enacting like an animal is always a favourite pretend play for children and they enjoyed it.....

Jiyanshi Newal.mp4


Enacting as her favourite animals.

ivaan shah.mp4

Ivaan Shah

Enacting as a cat.

Adveya Patel.mp4


Enacting as his favourite animal- dog.

Veditha Aduri.mp4


Enacting as different animals.