Parents' Feedback

Acknowledging the Contribution of Parents...

A special word of gratitude to all our children's parents for their continuous support during the entire journey of the Project Approach. Without their keen interest and active participation during remote learning and in helping us to document children’s learning, this project learning journey and showcase would not have been possible.

We take this opportunity to thank you for your immense contribution towards children's learning.

Thanks and regards,

Team Redbricks

Parents' Feedback


Dear Madam,

The entire Animal Kingdom project has been a wonderful learning experience for kids. We found it very innovative as kids were asked to make 3D models, clay models. It was a joyful experience for Parigya as we had gone for the field trip to Aquarium. You made Animal Kingdom theme so much fun for the kids by telling stories, making them ask riddles, asking them to frame self made rhymes. What more one can ask for? Parigya thoroughly enjoyed making puppets and animal masks. Thank you so much Kajal ma'am and Deepali Ma'am for taking such wonderful sessions.

Student Name- Parigya Jain.

Mother Name- Priyanka Jain.

Dear Ma'am,

I am Rujuta Desai mother of Kaira Desai from Sr. Kg. A. Please find my feedback on the main project of Sr.KG-A students in following para thanks. "The project based learning was the main reason we chose Rebricks for Kaira. This approach gives in-depth and thorough understanding of the subject that they take up. Kaira has enjoyed the Animal kingdom project a lot. She has enjoyed all the activities done during these 6 weeks of the project. The best part she enjoyed were the virtual visit to science city aquarium and the actual model making process. Thank you teachers for doing your best to educate our kids even in this tough times where conducting physical classes are not possible."

Student Name- Kaira Desai

Mother Name- Rujuta Desai

Parents' Feedback


Animal kingdom theme was very interesting and concept of different ways of learning like animal fossils, finger puppets, face mask was very engrossing. Online zoo visit with conversation with doctors was very informative. Tavishi learned many interesting facts during project even we parents learn many things. And we enjoyed accompany her to visit zoo at statue of unity. Thank you.

Thanks, Shruti Patel

(Parent of Tavishi Patel)

Good afternoon Ma'am,

Rivas mother out here and wanted to share that We are very fortunate to have such a nice tutors this year who are guiding our kids properly.. the way Riva is growing , it is visible that she is in the right school.. the project of animal kingdom was very interesting.. kids loved to explore varied spieces of water & land animals... No negative suggestions... everything was upto the mark looking on the online studies ..Thank you

(Parent of Riva Tank)

We would like to express our gratitude towards institute for the way the course structure has been evolved and have helped our kids develop his skills towards multidimensional thinking process. We have been seeing change in the way Avan gets enrolled in various tasks and does his task with full enthusiasm and by his own. Recently conducted project for them was one of such examples where, we have seen him evolving various ideas and creating project that he can relate. The guidance provided to each individual with petitions is very difficult which have been handled by the tutor at their best. We have observed that various creative ideas developed by individuals have helped in thinking process of pear-to-pear learning. Due to online learning, we were not sure if the course structure would allow them to do such project activities. However, more we have seen him developing the project, we were also surprised to see that the success of the project was due to the well design course curriculum. Considering the current situation, it would have been our wish to have more physical group discussions (May be once a week) to support peer to peer learning. We understand that you might have restriction due to policies. We hope to see more session of such scale where, kids are more interactive and gain growth at their peak under RedBricks.

Thanks, Pathik Gandhi Ruta Gandhi.

(Parent of Avan Gandhi, Sr KG C)

November 16, 2021

Jiyaan Feedback.mp4

Class: Senior KG D

Feedback on Animal Kingdom Project by the mother of Jiyaan Gohil.

Siddanth Feedback.mp4

Class: Senior KG D

Feedback on Animal Kingdom Project by the mother of Siddanth Bhatt.