Phase ll

Developing the Project

We built on children's knowledge shared in phase 1, to help them conduct research and go deeper into the topic. Children got to know details about the classification of animals, details of extinct and endangered animals, their food habits, habitats etc., through videos, powerpoint presentations and child friendly website. A physical field trip with parents helped us to know their interest area, which turned up to be extinct and endangered animals. We explored details about extinct and endangered animals through videos, and visit of a resource person. Children shared their understanding through drawings, clay models, stories, rhymes and riddles.

Overview of Animal Kingdom

Manasvi: "Some animals are vertebrates and invertebrates."

Kiaan: "Mammals vo hota hai jo egg nahi deta."

Siddhanth: "Mammals give birth to their young ones."

Categories according to their food (carnivore,herbivore,omnivore)

Akishi: "Why does a snake eat an egg?"

Aditya: "Why do caterpillar eat so much of food as they are small in size?"

Palash: "How does a tiger hunt for his food?"

Palash: "Bears are omnivores."

Siddhanth: "Bears are omnivore as they eat honey too."

Shreeja: "Bear eats meat,fish and grass. They are omnivores."

Vedant: "Snake eats snails."

Adaptation as per class interest

Palash: "Animals ghar banate hai predators se bachne k liye."

Nivaan: "Elephant ko hunt karte hai uske tusk k liye.

Prahan: "They hunt tiger for its skin."

Ishanvi: "Panda got endangered because they have fur on its body so they were not able to survive in hot."

Exploring Animal Kingdom and finding answer for children's queries

I saw lots of different fishes of the world like lion fish, pacu had glowing scales, alligator Gur fish, lopsters,lung fish there was no jelly fish inside the jelly fish tank there was aslo shark and endangered fish .I had fun in dinosaur 5d movie it was like a ride seats were going up and down.

Field trip with parents : General research to know more about animals

We went to the aquatic gallery at science city. There were mama shark, baby shark, small fish, big fish, cat fish, snake fish. I wanted to see octopus but they did not have the octopus.

I visited Sundervan with my friends Shraya and Advik on 30th September, 2021.

I saw peacocks, porcupines,tortoise, crocodile, a big lizard, turtles, fish, pythons, ducks, guinea pigs, rabbits, roosters and colorful birds.

One python was moving slowly and the lizard was sleeping. Rooster was crowing loudly. Ducks were playing. I didn't like that the beautiful birds were in cage.

Ducks were eating mamra and seeds kept in a tub.

Post field trip drawings

Aarav Jain

Inaaya Mankad

Prahan Doshi

Akishi Agrawal

Amairah Mandaliya

Nivaan Thakkar and Arhaan Shah

Palash Devalia and Advik Mandowara

Aaradhya Solanki and Siddanth Bhatt

Ishanvi Goel

Manasvi Pawar, Freyana Daruwala and Jiyaan Gohil

Shreeja Keshwala and Shraya Doshi

Explored extinct animals through story

Resource Person Visit

Children were prepared with their queries before the visit of the resource person

Children were very curious to know more about extinct and endangered animals. They already had their list of questions ready like:

Arhaan: "Why did dodo bird became extinct?"

Inaaya: "Why and how sparrow got endangered?"

Ishanvi: "What was the size of Wooly Mammoth?"

Kiaan: "How dinosaurs got extinct?"

We had Dr.Kiran Ahir, Ph.D. in Zoology on Insect Biodiversity of Gir National Park.They got to know more about the extinct and endangered animals. They gained knowledge about the basic types of extinction like mass extinction and background extinction. They also became aware that scientists are working to recreate mammoths with fossils and DNA as we have favourable conditions for them to survive.

Researching more through

What is the size of Giraffe's neck?

  • The size of Giraffe's neck is six foot long. evolution-traits

How long is anaconda snake?

  • The green anaconda snake is 20 to 30 feet long.

What is the size of an elephant?

  • The size of elephant is upto 8.2 to 13 feet.

What is the size of an elephant trunk?

  • The size of elephant trunk is about seven feet long.

How long is the claw of a lion?

  • The claws of lion is 4 in i.e 10 cm.

How Long are the tantacles of a jelly fish?

  • The tantecles of a a jelly fish is upto 10 feet long.

How long is a crocodile?

  • The size of a crocodile is more than 23 feet long and its weight is 2200 pounds.

What is the length of a caterpillar?

  • The length of a caterpillar is about 6 to 9 mm.

What is the size of a blue whales heart?

  • The blue whale has heart the size of Volkswagen Beetle.

Creating fossil with clay

Advik Mandowara

Amairah Mandaliya

Palash Devaliya

Vedant Patel

Ishanvi Goel

Clay models

Inaaya Mankad

Arhaan Shah

Amairah Mandaliya

Akishi Agrawal

Aarav Jain

Palash Devalia

Nivaan Thakkar

Ishanvi Goel

Freyana Daruwala

Siddanth Bhatt

Shraya Doshi

Advik Mandowara

Vedant Patel

Jwal Patel

Manasvi Pawar

Shreeja Keshwala

Jiyaan Gohil

Visualizing the model:

Post indepth study children were all ready to create their own models.

Inaaya: I will use coconut shell and googly eyes to make turtle. I will also make a pond for it.

Prahan: I will use stones and do painting to make T-rex.

Aarav: I will use fabric and stuff cotton inside to make pentaceratops.

Nivaan: I will paint and use cotton to make dinosaur and mountains.

Amairah: I will make a small model in my lunchbox with clay.

Palash: I will make base of thermocol sheet and make mammoth on it.

Freyana: I will use plastic toys and pom poms to make dinosaur.

Shraya: I will use thermocol sheet as the base and use paper, clay and straws to make Panda.

Shreeja: My dinosaur will be in a box.

Akishi: I will use foil to make meteors.

Jwal: I will make a volcano with toothpaste and cardboard to make dinosaurs.

Jiyaan: I will make volacano, meteors, dinosaurs and I will use plastic bottle, cotton, foil, bandage to make all these.

Advik: I will also make dinosaur with cardboard and clay.

Vedant: I will use straw, newspaper, cardboard and clay to make my model.

Aaradhya Solanki

Aditya Solanki



Palash: I am an animal, I am a king of the jungle, I like to roar. Who am I?

Akishi: Lion

Akishi: I am an animal. I look like a lion, I have black and orange stripes. Who am I?

Palash: Tiger

Aarav: I am a bird, I have two wings and I love to dance in the rain. Who am I?

Nivaan: Peacock

Nivaan: I am black and white and I love eating bamboo. I live in snow.Who am I?

Aarav and Akishi: Panda

Aarav: I am a bird. I have two small wings. I am black in colour and I tap on the wood. Who am I?

Akishi: Woodpecker

Aditya: Wo reptile hai aur woh 20 feet long hai, I live in a jungle or compound Who am I?


Ishanvi: I am a mollusk. I have 8 legs and I live in sea. Who am I?

Jiyaan: Octopus

Jiyaan: I have a long neck,and a tail, spikes on by back .I am a herbivorous. I drink water. Who am I?


Manasvi: I live in land and water. I have brown skin, I have a bill, I lay eggs but still I am a mammal. Who am I?


Palash: I am animal who has stripes on the body and looks like a horse. Who am I?

Aarav: Zebra

Prahan: I am animal who jump in the forest. I carry my baby in the bag. Who am I?

Inaaya: Kangaroo

Aditya - Wo yellow colour ka hai.Uske muh pe thode baal hai aur vo jungle ka raja hai. woh wild animal hai. batao mai kon hu?

Aarav - Lion

Aaradhya - Vo white colour ka hai uske lambe lambe daant hai aur vo fast jump karta hai.Who am I?

Palash - Rabbit

Kiaan: I eat lots of grass, I look like a horse, I have black and white stripes and four legs. Who am I?

Jwal: Zebra


Amairah: There was a tiger, he see one mouse. They both were hungry. There was an apple tree. Tiger shook the tree and apples fell down on the grass. They both ate apples.

Inaaya: Once upon a time there was a girl who was going in the jungle. Then she saw a monkey and lion. They all became friends.

Prahan: Dinosaur has eggs, but he did not find. He go to another dinosaur and ask,” You have my eggs?” but everybody said,” No, We don't have your eggs.” Then T rex gives eggs to the dinosaur and dinosaur said,” Thank you”.

Shraya: Chimpu was a monkey. He was very naughty. He had a long tail. One day he was sitting on a tree and saw a man. The man had red cap on his head. Chimpu threw stones on that man. Man was very angry and said in angry face,” Hey monkey you are so naughty, Go, run away.” The monkey got afraid and ran away.



The cow said moo, moo,

The duck said quack,quack

The pig said oink, oink

And the farmer said shh, shh !


I am big and strong

I stamp my feet on the ground

My footsteps people follow

You will find me if you follow

I make very large sound

I have spikes on my back

I am a carnivore

I eat meat

I am spinosaurus


We see lots of animals on earth

Some are extinct and some we see

If we destroy their home they will be dead

If we save their home they will be alive

So let us all save them.


Dinosaur, Dinosaur

Where are you

Now I notice

There are no dinosaurs on earth

I need to find your fossils

I love you T rex and all dinosaurs


Hathi raja

Mere ghar bhi ana

Halwa puri khana

Aao betho kursi par

Kursi boli chattar pattar


Once upon a time

A snake was there

Its name was titanoboa

It was long,long,long

But now that snake is extinct