Physical Development

Physical Development

A project approach provides children many opportunities to develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. Various physical games and music-movement activities enable their gross motor development. Children also engage in many fine motor activities such as drawing, writing, clay moulding, cutting and pasting, creating models and art, using manipulative materials, etc. throughout the project.

Clay Models

Granth Ajmera

Hridya Ujalayan

Aarav Khamar

Vihaan Shah

Tavishi Patel

Hriyaan Gosalia

Viha Jhaveri

Construction of Animal homes using legos and blocks

Sr.KG- C

Kahan Sheth

"I have made a zoo. There is a tortoise, lion, tiger, cheetah and elephant. A monkey is on the den."

Ruthva displayed his fine motor skills by joining legos to make the farm house and a tall watch tower.

Hridya Ujalayan

"This is a zoo. Lion, tiger, bear and zebra are in the zoo."

Dhvet has made dog's kennel and horse's stable..

Adveya Patel

Rishvika Gupta

Animal Movements and Animal Exercises

Children enjoyed doing exercise like animals

Children enjoyed doing dog pose exercise

Yoga- Animal Yoga posture

The Jelly Fish Pose- Children doing the 'Jelly fish yoga pose'. Jellyfish pose is calming, relieves stress and helps improve digestion. It also stretches out the back of the body and strengthens the thighs and knees.

Yoga- Animal Yoga posture

The Crab Pose- Activate and strengthen their 'core' muscles. When your child does crab pose they will be activating their shoulder, back, tummy and hip muscles i.e. the muscles around their middle or 'core'. Activate and strengthen shoulder muscles.

Walk like an Animal

Siddhanth Bhatt

Jiyaan Gohil

Ishanvi Goel

Shraya Doshi

Rihaan Baxi

Diyaan Parikh.mp4

Diyaan enjoyed doing different animal walk


Mahira showcasing her gross motor skills and well developed body balance through different animal movements.

Palm Printing

Prahan Doshi

Aarav Jain

Akishi Agrawal

Amairah Mandaliya

Animal Drawings using numbers and alphabets

Using number 7 to draw a Dinosaur

It's wonderful to learn drawing animals with numbers.

Children learned how to draw butterfly using number-3

Children learned how to draw Jelly fish using letter-J